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A Passion for Pleasing Performances.

      John Mondelli is a seasoned actor, singer, musician, entertainer and producer with over 15 years of experience in theater, film and voice over.  Over that time he has honed his acting skills and developed an extremely wide range of character abilities and believable commercial reads.  His music and video production background has allowed him to gain valuable experience in audio recording, mixing, editing and full production - allowing him to produce high quality finished audio from his professional studio.

      He has voiced a multitude of characters in animation and video games including characters on the hit show Adam Ruins Everything, documentaries on The History Channel, the VGA nominated XBOX 360 game Dust: An Elyisan Tail, Clash Royale, A Hat In Time, multiple characters in Hasbro games including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers: Rescue Bots, Marvel Characters such as Spider-Man and Star Lord, and Chuck E. Cheese (Dubai.)

      John also provides top-notch commercial voice over and can be heard in ads for such brands as MasterCard, Adidas, Johnny Rockets, Under Armour, Waldorf Astoria, Western Union, CollegeHumor, CAT Construction Equipment, The Georgia Aquarium and many more.

      When he isn't providing voice over work for various projects, John is the frontman for the steampunk band The Cog is Dead.  He writes, records and produces all of the bands albums, which have received acclaim from fans and critics alike, making them one of the most popular bands in their genre on Spotify.

     Additionally, John is a frequent collaborator with production studio And You Films.  Often John provides music and voice over, as well as occasionally producing and animating films for their YouTube channel.  John co-produced their feature film Flashbackalong with Brendan Rogers and Will Phillips.  The film received international distribution at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

If you're looking for someone with experience, talent, and the skills to get the job done well and on time then look no further.  John has had his hand in just about every aspect of entertainment production, and he will deliver the voice over you want at the quality you need.

  • Custom Built Vocal Isolation Booth

  • Skype/Phone for Directed Sessions

  • Stellar X2, Sennheiser ME66, MXL 990 & MXL V67 Microphones

  • Custom Built PC/Adobe Audition/Avid Pro Tools

  • PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL Interface

  • DBX 266xs Compressor / Noise Gate

  • Animation & Video Games

  • Television & Radio Commercials

  • Documentaries

  • Educational

  • Audiobook & Narration

  • Telephone On-Hold System

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